2021 How to buy real Chinese cigarettes in USA ?

For overseas Chinese living in the US, Australia and Europe.

How to buy the Chinese cigarettes they like?

Best Choose: 烟速达 https://www.yansuda.com/

烟速达,They were originally made up of a group of British students.

Most of them come from Guangdong, Anhui, Chongqing and other places in China.

At first, it was because many Chinese students could not buy the cigarettes they liked abroad.

For example, China, Marlboro, Double Happiness, Liqun, Yuxi, Hongta Mountain and other well-known brands.

They contacted some authentic cigarette retailers in China and used EMS international logistics to ship cigarettes.

At first it was to satisfy its own needs, which later evolved into the supply of cigarettes by a growing number of overseas Chinese.

They insist on selling only genuine cigarettes and are committed to allowing more people to taste the taste of their hometown.

From 2010 to now, 12 years have passed.I buy from them all the time, although there is a little trouble sometimes.

For example, the goods were returned and so on. Eventually the Chinese cigarettes will arrive safely.

So if you need Chinese cigarettes, please contact them.

I promise, this is the best postal cigarette delivery website in the world right now.

At present, most countries in the world have different policies to control cigarettes.

Australia is a country with a total ban on cigarettes, the US sells them at a high price, and the UK is full of fake cigarettes.

Currently, only the United States and Europe provide customs clearance and tax free services.

Australia can only provide basic shipping services.

The shipping cost is around $20 per of cigarettes, including customs clearance and duty.

So if you want to smoke the most authentic Chinese cigarettes, they are the place to be.


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